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Green Pet Contest – Vote for a Winner

Update 2 – 4/27: Splash the Lab’s parent, Randi, will be donating the $100 gift certificate, plus a matching contribution of $100, to the Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue. You can learn more about Splash on his blog.

Update 1 - 4/27:  Voting is closed. Congratulations to SplashTheLab for submitting the winning entry and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

On Earth Day, we asked you to finish the sentence “My pet is the greenest because…”

We got a ton of great responses and are thankful to everyone who participated. We narrowed it down to our favorite 5 which are listed below. Now we need your help.

Vote on your favorite response to help us pick a winner. Whichever response gets the most votes by Monday at noon will win a $100 gift certificate.

My pet is the greenest because...

  • ... he conserves energy by lying around sleeping all day. (Lorena) (6%, 14 Votes)
  • ... when I get Furminated, we put my fur in the tree for the birdies to use in their nests. (SplashTheLab) (42%, 97 Votes)
  • ... in the winter he keeps our toes warm in bed, allowing us to cut our heating bill by 20%! (Corrin) (27%, 62 Votes)
  • ... he knows how to recycle. He takes newspapers and pop bottles to the bins in the kitchen when you tell him “recycle” it. (Michelle) (14%, 32 Votes)
  • ... when I got her, she was a recycled pet. (Amanda) (11%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 233

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  • corrin

    So excited to be a finalist. Good luck everyone!

  • Darnella

    How could not vote for Ollie??? He is way to cute and smart too!

  • akeorlando

    I totally voted for Ollie!

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  • Laurie

    Congratulations Corrin and Ollie! What a great green duo!

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  • ashley

    snuggly ollie got my vote!

  • http://corrinrenee monica mahoney

    Oliver, your the best!

  • Berdean

    Best of Luck Ollie from your good friend Floydie!!

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  • Mike

    Someone is cheating! I hope they check these votes for duplicates! Go Ollie!

  • SplashTheLab


    I have promised to donate the card to Lab Rescue to help my buddies who have lost their homes. And mom is going to match it! All her rescue friends think that is a nice idea and are voting to support me.


  • Corrin

    Congrats, Splash!

  • Maureen

    Ollie is the dog!